Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wells Fargo Home Equity Lines Of Credit

Wells Fargo offers a revolving credit line for homeowners called Home Equity Lines of Credit, or HELOCs. This line of credit is an open-ended, revolving loan that allows future advances up to the approved credit limit. You can use the money for home improvements, debt consolidation, medical expenses, investment opportunities, starting a business, education, a new car or boat, or any other major expense. Since Wells Fargo's Home Equity Lines of Credit are revolving loans, you can use only the money you need when you need it, much like credit cards.

This credit is available at any time during your draw period with convenient access through your Wells Fargo credit card, checking account, ATM, online banking, or local bank. The draw period of a Home Equity Line of Credit is the amount of time the line of credit is open, usually ten years, after which the line of credit is closed and repayment starts. Advances taken out during this draw period may have small monthly payments in which only minimal amounts are paid toward the principle with the rest of the payment going to accrued interest, or interest only payments may be made. Wells Fargo offers plans that allow repayment of the Home Equity Line of Credit loan over a fixed period of time after the draw period has ended. Some of these plans allow up to thirty years repayment time.

Interest of Wells Fargo Home Equity Lines of Credit is variable and tied to the Prime Lending Rate, the rate in which most major banks charge their largest and most credit worthy customers. This variable rate usually has a cap to limit how high of an interest rate can be charged and some have limits as to how low the interest rate can get. Variable rates are subject to quarterly adjustment though some plans offer a fixed interest rate. The interest paid on Wells Fargo Home Equity Lines of Credit is only paid on the funds that are used and is usually tax deductible.

Like Home Equity Loans, Home Equity Lines of Credit have fees that may be charged for taking out the loan. Some plans call for one-time; up front fees while others have annual fees. Plans that offer low monthly payments during the draw period may require a balloon payment at the end of the loan period requiring the entire remaining balance to be paid. Other fees can also apply such as appraisal fee, credit check fee, and closing costs. The Federal Truth in Lending Act protects the borrower by requiring the lender to inform the borrower of all costs and terms when the application is given.

Washington Home Loans

An interest-only loan has become a very popular choice of the many Washington home loans that are available. What is making this type of loan so popular? What other options are available to potential Washington home buyers.

If you have a desire for a lower initial monthly payment, lower payments over shorter period of time, the possibility that if rates improve your rates could go down giving you lower payments, the fact you may qualify for even an even higher loan amount which would allow you to purchase a larger house than originally you thought this may be an option you should investigate. There are a couple of other things you may need to consider. Your payments may change over time. There is also the potential for higher payments if the rates go up. These interest only loans are normally interest only for a specific period of time. The normal time is 4 to 11 years then the payment is raised to a normal level. This type of an option can be placed on any type of mortgage so you still will need to plan carefully since it will resort back to the original mortgage you have.

The best candidate for an interest-only loan would be someone who could afford to pay for the home with a typical fixed-rate, 30-year mortgage. The reason they would choose an interest only is it is part of a financial plan they have for the future.

Washington home loans are made available thru several other programs. The Homeownership Opportunity Initiative was created to make home financing more available and easy for working families. They also have the HomeSite program. This unique program is based on need and provides the home owner opportunity to modest income first time home buyers.

A bit about down payment assistance and what it means. Most of the Washington home loans have programs to assist with down payment issues. Many people believe this is free money, most of the time it is not. Many of these programs are actually a second mortgage that has low interest rates or deferred payments. Now you may be able to qualify for a Grant. This does not have to be paid back. It is normally paid back if you sell your home within a certain amount of time however. Most of these programs have income restrictions. These normally require buyers to be below 80% or at 80% of the Area Median Income to qualify.

So along with the normal loans such as a standard 30 year mortgage Washington also allows the buy a choice of several other programs to assist in getting the house of your dreams. It is suggested before deciding on any of the Washington home loans, you develop a financial plan and speak to a mortgage professional with any questions that you may have.

Used car loans tips

It is really a tough deal for loans of buying a used car (second hand) comparing to other types of loan in case of purchasing a new car. But if we look forward, it will make some possibilities also. The procedure is almost same like any other car loan facilities. The main difference in this kind of loan is that you can save cost, which you cannot do in other car loans. That is the biggest benefit you can have while getting used car loans.

However problem is always there, so while you want to have used car loan facility you have to be aware of making your every step. Every step is vital otherwise you may be in bad credit reputation and big chances to be ripped off. Be positive in getting the source of used car financing and do shop around the whole market.

Try to do credit check to be assured that the given information is correct in your credit statement. After choosing the car you are going to purchase, look into the whole payment procedure of the purchase money. Always remember while you are going to have car financing, the purchase price increases as you are to pay the money including credit. Before having the loan try to get knowledge of the annual percentage rate of that very car loan and length of the loan and see whether the monthly payments are affordable or not. Don’t make any quick decision as that can lead you to create a bad credit history.

It is very much important to set the price range in case of second hand car loans. Don’t forget to add the maintenance cost so that you can have an idea of an approximate price of the car and the amount you need to obtain from car loan. It is the best way to get your budget perfectly applicable to your finance.
The next step is to decide from where you want to get your car loan. There are various lenders such as bank, individual dealers etc. try not to make the bank as your first option as in most cases they don’t provide loans of cars used for more than few years. You can have online dealer option but it is cheapest to get an individual lender as you can clear out your confusion and have guidance accordingly. But be aware of the frauds in this field. Get a concept about everything related to your dream car you are going to purchase and if you are satisfied with the qualities you can proceed further.

So it is now no longer tough job to get a used car loan facility and to apply it confidently though in past your finances were holding you back to purchase the wheel of your dream car. Now you can get the option of getting used car via loans without any hurdle.


Car loans are turning out to be as the main lender of capital to people who want to buy cars but are short of funds. Usually now days with advent of loan marketing, loans are provided on spot to the customers who want to purchase a car, and it depends upon the customer to take or choose the different offers that are being offered to them by the loan companies. As the cars are being offered from the showroom or the shop, the rates and the rules of the loan meted out usually remains the same and very low, so as to attract and lure more and more customers towards their loan scheme, because there are companies waiting to have a go at the customers and if the loan rates of the scheme meted out is higher then obviously the customers would go for the other loan giving companies who give out loan at a much lower rate. But this is not the case with the car loans that are given out for used cars. The rates that are charged by the loan giving companies usually differ from each other as it is on the discretion of the loan giving companies.

Therefore, it is advised that before taking or choosing a loan, the customer should make proper research of the rates that are prevailing in the market. He or she should not jump at once to grab a loan if the rate offered is low. There are bound to be companies which offer better rates. The customer should go through all the schemes and then apply for a used car loan that suits him the best. And if no loan suits his interest then he can always go back to the first loan that was offered to him at a low rate of interest.

A customer can register online or can go and directly collect the forms. The person should however compare the loan rate that is being offered to him. The customer can search online for the prevailing market loan rates; or rather collect the rates directly from a local lender. This way he will have an idea of the lowest rate offered. Before taking up a loan however, the customer should also take into consideration, the number of months for repayment.
There are online lenders who usually offer used car loans at a very low rate of interest, which comparatively is even lower than the rates that are usually offered by the banks. And moreover usually banks reject the applications of car loans, if it is for a used car.

Thus we see that a customer should make a complete research regarding the rates offered, to pick up the best offer.
Bills are piling up, and paying them all takes just about all the money you make – or worse, it takes every penny. Not only are there credit card bills screaming for attention, but utility, medical and store card are all due now. Oh, and don’t forget the money you owe your brother-in-law and the fact that you’re going to need to replace your windshield now. It adds up, and will it ever go away?

A loan would help you get back on your feet, help you get ahead, and help you begin to build a stronger financial future. But it takes collateral to secure a loan, right? And you don’t own a home so you have no equity to borrow against. In fact, looking around, you have nothing to offer as collateral.

There’s good news. There is such a thing as an unsecured debt consolidation loan, and it may be worth it for you to pursue this option for managing your debt. Lenders who offer unsecured debt consolidation loans do not require any collateral against the loan; they look at you and what your credit and employment history say about you. If you have been making regular payments to all your creditors and if you have a stable employment history those factors can work in your favor, showing that you as an individual are a good risk.
There are also lenders out there who will give you an unsecured consolidation loan in spite of your credit and employment history, if you need a clean slate in more ways than one.
Unsecured consolidation loans are intended to please your creditors by paying them all off, and to please you by putting some quality back in your life in the form of greater peace of mind. Instead of a long line of creditors calling and sending letters and constant reminders that you owe money, you have one obligation, one monthly payment. Gone is the uphill battle with late and over the limit fees. Imagine the long-term savings just by eliminating those fees from your life!

Be aware, though, that lenders attach higher interest rates to unsecured consolidation loans. They take a larger risk when they lend money without security, and to compensate their interest rates will be higher than on loans with collateral.

Keeping in mind the greater risk lenders take with unsecured consolidation loans, loan amounts by necessity are limited to lower amounts. Depending on the company, the limit on the amount they will loan unsecured may be as low as $1,000 or as high as $20,000.
Living with debt is just part of living nowadays, but when your debt outgrows your budget the quality of your life can become anything good. There is a difference between managing your debt and drowning it. Managing debt translates directly into quality of life, and the first step to making sense of all your outstanding bills and loans may be consolidating them all under one loan. The interest rate may be higher, but an unsecured consolidation loan is far better than bankruptcy.

Car loans

Car loans are the loans that are used for financing the purchase of a car, paying whose price in cash is not quite affordable because of the huge tags of price attached to them. People take loans for financing cars, which they find as the best way of buying a car, because disposing such big amounts at a time is not very feasible for any average individual. Only very few people, with strong bank balances can afford to buy cars by paying in cash. But the best way of financing purchase of cars is by grabbing car loans, which are much more accessible and also involve low interest rates and easy installments.

Car loans have a proper procedure, which the individual needs to understand before choosing for the car loan that suits to him. It involves a complete process, where the individual needs to be thorough about the things; he is going to indulge into and should collect all the details regarding the loan of the car.

The first thing that the individual is supposed to do is, figure out the place from where he wants to get his loan from, to be precise, what schemes and discounts policies of which institution suits him the best. There are different institutions that offer such car loans like banks, dealers, auto manufacturers and private lenders also indulge in providing car loans.
After deciding on the institution from which the individual wants to take the car loan, the second thing that needs attention is the fact whether he needs the loan for buying a new car or a used car. This is an important factor since the interest rates depend on this; generally the interest rate is lower for loans used for buying new cars than that which are used for buying used cars. Besides this, the time period available for repaying the amount of loan for new cars are far more stretched than that for used ones, which is for sure an added advantage.

The consumers of these loans must be very careful, they should not believe on the fake advertisements that are been published and displayed now and then to attract more and more consumers. The consumer should check into these commercials thoroughly before they settle down on things, because these commercials are usually false and are no way real. These loans involve high down payments and also immense high rates, which make them really impossible for the customers.


Students are supposed to be the soft targets for all producers in the market. But still, the automobile industry which is supposed to be the widest spread industry in the whole world market has failed to capitalize on the so called softness exhibited by the students to the other products available in the market. The main reason being the huge amount of money that the students will have to invest, even though, they have no source of income against their name. However, time has changed. Now at all if any student is seeking or looking out for an easier means to buy a car, he has an available option with him. Just apply for a student car loan.
Students face a lot of problem, when they avail the services of public transportation. The use of public transport by students, to go and study, proves and comes out pretty hectic for them. But then, they have no choice as it’s usually pretty impossible on the student’s part to avail or get a new car for their transportation purpose only. However, as for now they can relax and avail the car, just by applying for a student’s car loan.

Moreover, it’s not just the capital part in which the student car loans tend to help out students. Student’s car loans have other distinct advantages too. Not only does the student car loan help out students financially, but they also contribute to the student’s credit history. If a student avails a student car loan , then ultimately his no-credit history gradually turns out to be a positive indicating one,because every payment made by the student gets reported to the credit rating agencies, and thereby adds up to the students credit rating, positively. And, thinking more practically, it eliminates all the transportation headaches that the student had to undergo, for reaching to their place of study.

Moreover, in case of a student car loan the students have to make no capital payments in the beginning to the loan lending agencies, as a car loan is actually a kind of a secured loan. This implies that the loan agencies are secured by the very fact that even if the student is not able to repay the loan, then at least they can have the car of the student back. And moreover three is no problem, even if the student has a bad credit history, as the loan agency has the car as a security to take from the defaulting student.

Thus, we see that the student car loan has made it much and more easy on the part of the students to avail a car for themselves.